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Introduction of stainless steel
Date Post: 11/01/2016

Group of stainless steel (Inox) formed from steel alloy study, which was originated in 1913 in Sheffield, England; Harry Brearley was trying a number of alloys to steel-barreled gun, and he noticed some rust sample cut not see reality and real seasoned difficult

Inox in energy and electricity
Date Post: 11/01/2016

Ready for energy and energy is essential for modern society. Over the past century, Stainless steel has played a significant role in the extraction and generation of both gas and electricity, is increasingly necessary to produce green energy.

Stainless steel manufacturing industry chemistry
Date Post: 11/01/2016

When we think about the manufacturing industry chemicals (CPI), can not imagine if without stainless steel. Safe and cost-effective production of pharmaceutical compounds (1), fertilizer, paper, plastics, petrochemicals, and other hot sectors, rely heavily on the use of these materials.

Stainless steel water maintain integrity at Palomar California hospital
Date Post: 11/01/2016

East Medical Center is the largest hospital Palomar in California and is one of the centers the largest in North America. Located in Escondido, north of San Diego, recently opened 653-bed facility has received numerous awards for its design and construction innovations. Medical center with very high..

Stainless Steel - 100 year history
Date Post: 11/01/2016

Unlike iron, the material has been used for over a thousand years, stainless steel may be considered a "rookie" in the science of materials, stainless steel is the first new production by around 100 years.

Stainless Steel Sheets
Date Post: 11/01/2016

INOX PLATE used in factories lon.Dung do large-scale projects.

Inox world
Date Post: 11/01/2016

Stainless steel plant in China was added nickel ore inventory from Indonesia Philippines since setting an export ban on nickel ore in January.

Inox News
Date Post: 11/01/2016

Inox News - The increase in import duties on Vietnamese market Nam.Nganh INOX Inox India considering price increases to 10% this year.

Date Post: 11/01/2016

Corrosion resistance of stainless steel 304 was shown to be resistant to its excellent corrosion when exposed to many different chemicals. (Stainless Steel 304L) is resistant to rust in most applications in architecture in most of the environments of food processing and very easy to clean. Also, Inox..

Learn about stainless steel Inox
Date Post: 11/01/2016

Thanks to these features, today, stainless steel is widely used in industrial, medical and life ... However, because the name "stainless", it also makes the material or be abusive because many different purposes, especially for applications in life.

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